Your Security Data. Simplified.

Polysentry is a security data platform that automates your critical event management using real-time data. Eliminate reputational risk, supply chains disruptions, and operational costs.

Stay safe and informed.

Download the Polysentry app and customize it to suit your locations, assets, and operations globally.
Get a 360-view of your security program from any device


Connect your security processes and data


Capture and consolidate issues arising from security incidents


Escalate incidents and assign to your team


Open Source Intelligence
Collect and analyze public data from open sources – like social media, blogs, chat boards, and the deep and dark web. Threatening posts are identified and alerted on in real-time so your team can prepare and respond to emerging threats.
Setup a custom 24/7 real-time situational intelligence capability for any country globally. Our threat intelligence, security notification communications, and workforce management platforms transform your situational awareness and security operations.
Critical Event Management
Use real-time geospatial data technology to ingest a all relevant data feeds such weather, earthquakes, fires, floods, and Internet of Things (IoT). Display all your risk alerts alongside your personnel and locations assets on an interactive map.
Visual Command Platform
A unified and integrated view for security and risk professionals to manage and respond to enterprise risk. Consolidate asset and risk data into a common operating picture, and get ahead of critical events that may threaten your locations, supply chain, or business continuity.


Polysentry is an Integrated security management (ISM) platform that provides organizations with a customized command center to understand and manage the full scope of security risks facing their enterprises. With four integrated products, we offer more flexibility and agility than traditional GRC programs.


Find and communicate your workforce anytime with location-aware technology


Geo-fence your locations to maintain 24/7 situational awareness within any defined radius of your operations

Supply Chain

Unify every global touchpoint of your business and proactively anticipate impacts of risk events


Integrate your facilities monitoring and avoid costs related to delays, fines, lost or damaged inventory, and more

Security Data

VMS Feeds, ERP Systems, Access Control

Operations Data

Human Resources, IT Systems, Employee Travel

Dark Web

Search, monitor, and investigate darknet sites

Geospatial Data

Weather, Fires, Floods, Earthquakes, Local News

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